Our team has the experience to help your organization create fit-for-purpose governance documents, including effective conflict resolution processes, that will help it thrive. We can also provide mediation services at our not-for-profit rate.

Our experience includes work with the Writers Guild of Alberta, the League of Canadian Poets, the United Church of Canada, and many more.

Often the organizations providing some of the most essential services to our communities are run by volunteers, operating on minimal budgets.

Whether these are arts organizations or faith communities, member-driven organizations can become mired in conflict and inefficiencies brought on by poor communication and ineffective governance policies. Volunteers burn out, and board members quit, and the organization suffers.

It is hard to understate the societal and economic importance of volunteer and not-for-profit organizations. A 2013 study by TD Bank estimated the economic value of volunteer hours in Canada at $50 billion annually. The total is also said to be roughly half of the value of Canada’s non-profit sector, as estimated by Statistics Canada.

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