Our talented collaborators

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We are proud to work with the brilliant folks at:


Greg Gutowski

Data Management Lead for Engagement and Consultation

For more information about DIMEC, please visit their website:


RC Strategies

Robert Parks

RC Strategies is a Canadian consulting firm specializing in recreation, parks, trails, tourism, and cultural planning.


Halton Strategic

Carissa Halton, Principal Strategist

“Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Halton Strategic launched in 2018 with a  mission to help teams and organizations have effective, energizing conversations that move their goals forward. In the year that has followed, our scope has broadened. In our work with non-profit organizations, unions, small business and single-issue campaigns, we’ve not only helped our clients build plans based on consensus, we’ve supported implementation. Our unique combination of media and management experience helps our clients with internal and external challenges.”