House of Blue Skies Consulting is a boutique consultancy that specializes in respectful conflict resolution, innovative training, fearless engagement, and authentic listening.

The core team consists of Dymphny Dronyk and Angela Kublik.  We are a collaborative group of conflict resolution and communication entrepreneurs. We believe in the power of the collective.

Working together on a variety of challenging and often controversial projects, we discovered we had a shared value system that informed our approach to engagement and conflict resolution.

We landed in the field of stakeholder engagement from very different backgrounds and brought our unique perspectives to the projects we worked on together. During the long days spent chatting with stakeholders at Coffee Talks and Open Houses; and many miles travelling the blue highways of western Canada together, we honed an engagement philosophy based on curiosity and the determination to seek win/win resolutions to complex issues.

We understand, and share, our stakeholders’ love of the land, and for community.

We learned so much about this great country, and we came to realize that as a team we are much stronger together. Our skill sets complement each other in such a way that we can finish each other’s sentences – and we believe four heads know ten times more than one.

Our team offers training and expertise in public consultation, stakeholder engagement, conflict resolution, strategic planning, Indigenous engagement, communication, community investment, and crisis and emergency response management.

With more than 150 years of combined experience in the public and private sectors before launching House of Blue Skies, we have established ourselves as a steadfast consultancy that provides creative, genuine engagement strategies for a range of clients – from energy producers to arts organizations.

We have engaged with thousands of stakeholders throughout western Canada, and have built positive relationships based on the mutual respect of our values and interests.

We have conducted hundreds of respectful, effective mediation sessions that resulted in sound, lasting agreements.

Our consultancy is nimble, responsive, and innovative.