Coral Lukaniuk

Coral Lukaniuk

Principal of coRoc Solutions

& HOBS Collective Team Member

Calgary Office

Coral, principal of coRoc, is a collaborative leader who uniquely combines engineering experience with engagement expertise creating a foundation aligned to strategy, rooted in solid planning, and focused on people. As a senior professional, she has served in various roles, evolving from technical to strategic and is a founding member of Energy Ecosystem, Pipeline Operator Safety Partnership, Public Awareness Canada collaborative group and several knowledge networks. She is recognized for taking initiatives from vision through to implementation in public awareness and engagement, management systems, credibility, sustainability, performance improvement and youth education.  Adaptable and engaging, Coral bridges diverse perspectives creates synergy.

Coral is big picture yet detail-oriented, rational yet empathetic, and a strong listener yet not distracted by noise. She delivers strategic sustainable solutions through internal and external engagement.